Roxanne is a group of 6 people playing the biggest hits of the world famous Roxette.

Just as in the original band, the leaders are Marzena/Marie (vocal/guitar/keyboard) and Daniel/Per (vocal/guitar).
They are accompanied by instrumentalists: a guitarist, a bassist, a pianist and a drummer.

Roxanne offers you one and a half hours of a show with carefully prepared visual and musical aspects. The arrangements are faithful copies of original performances.

The vocalist is dressed in original clothes of the 80’ and 90’ – the time of the band’s greatest popularity. Not only does she look like Marie herself and sing in the original key without changing the melodic line but also plays the electric guitar as well as the synthesizer.
With her energy, sex appeal and powerful voice she will recall the greatest hits such as : It must have been love, Dangerous, Dressed for success, Fading like a flower, Sleeping in my car, Spending my time, Listen to your heart, and many more.

Per, the handsome vocalist is also a singing guitarist who complements Marie (Polish Marzena) in hits such as Joyride, How Do You Do, Big Love, The Look, Real sugar.

Roxanne offers you a return to the past, the time of school discos and radio hit charts.By ordering our concert you always receive a guarantee of a dynamic show, shared fun and unforgettable experiences.

This is a concert of the biggest hits only!!!